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What is neuropsychology?

luria Neuropsychology is a discipline concerned with the brain mechanisms of complex cognition, such as memory, attention, decision making, and language. Neuropsychology has two arms. One arm is a field of basic science concerned with the brain mechanisms of normal cognition. As such, it merges with “cognitive neuroscience” and increasingly relies on state-of-the art tools like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), including functional MRI (fMRI). The other arm is a field of clinical science and clinical practice. It is often referred to...

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What are the most common causes of TBI in civilian life?

tbi Civilian TBI is more common than the general public realizes. It has been called “a silent epidemic” for a reason. Motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s) are probably the most common causes, followed by job-related accidents and “slip-and-fall” accidents. Recently, there has also been a lot of interest in athletic TBI, both in professional athletes and in college and high-school athletes.

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What does TBI stand for?

Tramautic_Brain_Injury TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury. TBI has been in the news lately because of blast injuries suffered by many soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan, but TBI is a common source of brain damage in the civilian life as well.

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