Executive Functions in Health and Disease

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Executive Functions in Health and Disease provides a comprehensive review of both healthy and disordered executive function. It discusses what executive functions are, what parts of the brain are involved, what happens when they go awry in cases of dementia, ADHD, psychiatric disorders, traumatic injury, developmental disorders, cutting edge methods for studying executive functions and therapies for treating executive function disorders. It will appeal to neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, neuroscientists and researchers in cognitive psychology.

  • Encompasses healthy executive functioning as well as dysfunction
  • Identifies prefrontal cortex and other brain areas associated with executive functions
  • Reviews methods and tools used in executive function research
  • Explores executive dysfunction in dementia, ADHD, PTSD, TBI, developmental and psychiatric disorders
  • Discusses executive function research expansion in social and affective neuroscience, neuroeconomics, aging and criminology
  • Includes color neuroimages showing executive function brain activity

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Pub. Date: July 12, 2017 | Publisher: Academic Press | ISBN-13: 978-0128036761 | ISBN: 0128036761